Surface treatment

Surface treatment of flat wires

Surface treatment

We offer you the surface treatment and coating of the flat wires you require for your special application – from painting and tinning through polishing, cleaning and passivation to the processing of the edge shape.

  • Polishing
  • Cleaning
  • Treatment of edge form by metal cutting (round off)


Tinning of non-ferrous metals

Tinning is done using the hot dip process.

Coating thicknesses are measured by special measuring equipment

Standardized tin bath management

These processes enable the production of anything from the smallest lot sizes to high-volume production

BRUKER-SPALECK Tinning of Flat Wires

Coating/painting of tinned flat wires

Sequential painting adapted to the customer's application

100% camera monitoring of the paint surface

BRUKER-SPALECK HE-High-Efficiency Solar Ribbon white

Industry applications


Building services engineering

Consumer goods

Electrical engineering

Mechanical engineering and equipment manufacturing

Medical technology

Precision engineering

Textile industry