Forming in flat wire production


BRUKER-SPALECK uses innovative technologies for the production of special flat wire from round wire. Even the smallest lot sizes with a thickness/width ratio of 1:80 are available, as well as a wide range of cross-sections. These special flat wires are used in the automotive industry, spring industry, aerospace industry, photovoltaics, medical engineering, and the cable and textile industries.

Drawing non-ferrous metals with round wire diameters ranging from 0.100 to 2.500 mm

Our drawing dies are subject to permanent microscopic monitoring

Our drawing dies are managed separately by specially trained staff

The processes enable the production of small lots sizes and small to medium quantities

BRUKER-SPALECK Drawing Round Wire

Rolling of non-ferrous metals with thicknesses ranging from 0.017 to 1.200 mm and widths of 0.200 to 6.000 mm. Widths greater than 6.000 mm (up to max 24 mm) are first cut and then re-rolled. In general, thickness and width ratios of 1:80 are possible for non-ferrous metals.

Rolling of steels is done with thicknesses of 0.1 mm to 2.0 mm, and up to 3.5 mm for rectangular and square profiles. Width of 1.0 mm to 7.0 mm are available, depending on thickness and width ratio.

In addition to diamond testing, we also use camera monitoring and other technologies for dimension and quality inspection. Also available with special certificates for specific standard requirements on request.

Our rollers are subject to separate monitoring by our internal rolling management team

These processes enable the production of anything from the smallest lot sizes to high-volume production

BRUKER-SPALECK Rolling to Flat Wires

With our CNC roller control, we can roll your edges to form a profile. We can also manufacture trapezoidal shapes to customer requirements.

Depending on customer requirements, we can produce square, rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal, rolled or profiled shapes (single-sided / double-sided).

BRUKER-SPALECK Rolling to Square Wires