Enameled micro flat wire

Overview of the flat enameled wires from BRUKER-SPALECK

Enameled micro flat wire

For your electrical application BRUKER-SPALECK supplies the fitting flat wire product.

In connection with the miniaturization with enameled micro flat wires we could prove:

  • Weight savings of up to 10%
  • Installation space savings in the range of 8%
  • Increases in the copper filling factor by 8%
  • Significant improvement of the heat conduction properties were shown in various customer applications.


Bruker-Spaleck production technology enables highly accurate cross-section geometry over long wire lengths:

  • Particularly when compared to the wires available on the market with large cross sections
  • This is associated with major advantages in the further processing of the wire (positioning and handling)
  • Measurements have shown that only 5% of the cross-sectional area is lost due to the corner radius
  • In addition to copper as the base material, the alternative material aluminum can also be produced at a lower material price


Wire materials

  • Copper and aluminium, as well as your specific alloys


Enameled micro wire

  • Market innovation
    - Originally used in stationary transformer construction
    - In e-mobility, this wire is relevant for hairpin motors for traction drives
    - Dimensions from dmin∙bmin  = (0.80∙2.00) mm² are available on the market
  • Dimensions in the range t = 0,030 ... 1,500 mm / w = 0,500 ... 5,000 mm possible
  • All common coating types are available

Dimension range

  • Thicknesses between 0,030 – 1,500 mm
  • Widths between 0,500 – 5,000 mm


Enamel versions and characteristics

Coating type1

Temperature index /
operating temperature

Thermal shock in °C




≤ 157


Excellent tinning, high thermal strength

V180 / V190

≤ 180 / 200°C

220 / 230

Good tinning, high heat resistance,
pinhole resistant



≤ 194°C


Tinning possible, high thermal resistance


≤ 205°C


Very high thermal resistance

Polyersterimide with
polyamide top layer


≤ 210°C


Very good mechanical, chemical and
thermal properties



≤ 220°C


Thermal and chemical resistance even higher than W210


≤ 240°C


Ultimate thermal resistance with
series wires



≤ 240°C


Special product with highest thermal and chemical resistance

1All wires also available with baked enamel coating


Further properties:

  • Low number of high voltage defects
  • Discharge voltages: V to kV range (→ Depending on coating thickness and coating selection)
  • Normalized breakdown voltage due to coating thickness in the range 80…140°V/µm → measured against a cylindrical coil
  • Functional layer construction


Flat wire with natural edge

Conventional roll stands deliver a natural edge on the wire (cross sectional view)


Rectangular cross section

Four roller stand enables production of an almost rectangular cross section




In numerous samplings from various customers, the following added value could be achieved in the applications:

  • Installation space savings through higher copper filling factor
  • Defined winding pattern enables new product features such as direct cooling
  • Enameled micro flat wire minimizes losses due to current electrical displacement

Quality meets automotive standards:

  • Highest dielectric strength
  • Minimized number of errors

We are happy to assist you as a competent partner in the product development of your customer-specific flat wire dimensions, enamel versions or layer thicknesses.


Form of delivery

  • Merchantable standard spools/coils or special requirements after consultation on customer request



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